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What is this site for? Are you willing to trade your cards? Are you serious, are the prices rock solid? Where's the inserts?

Welcome to Bryan's Baseball Field. This site contains many detailed lists of cards that I've collected and am willing to sell or trade. I will trade any of these cards for any of the cards on my wish list. The prices listed here are at about 75% of Hi Beckett and negotiable to an extent. All of my cards have been stored in boxes in at least soft sleves and top loaders. If any of my cards are not in mint condition I will post it on the listing for that player. So if there is no condition listed its a mint.

Prefered Payment Method: I will accept Checks and U.S. Money Orders, allow 10 days for checks to clear before shipping purchases. Money orders ship upon receipt. Please make checks and money orders payable to:

                        Bryan Summers
                        668 Calle Petunia.
                        Palm Springs, Ca. 92262

Please mail to the above address.


All cards are sent in soft sleves and toploaders, and shipped in a padded 5x7 envelopes. If a large quantity is to be shipped the cards will be sent in a plastic card box with a hinged snap lid, and then put in a padded envelope. If you want me to insure the package, let me know so I can adjust the price to cover the cost of the insurance. If you want to trade for cards, you pay the shipping to send me the cards I want and I will pay the shipping to send the cards you want. Please ship the cards you send me the same way I ship them to you.


If your looking for an insert of a player not listed check in the Miscellaneous section. The cards here are odd ball singles some old ones and those "who's that press proof" you know those great inserts of guys that you've never heard.

I will be more than happy to insert a link to your site, email me the link and I will put it up. All links must Baseball or Trading Card oriented.

If you have any comments or questions just click on the email image and drop me a note. Thanks.